Swedish little piggy wants to shop invisibly

Eight days ago I wrote about the mysterious events in Swedish aid donations to Cambodia in relation to anakata’s arrest year 2012, revealing that 2012 hit a peak with a ~$9,5 million increase which later dropped in 2013.

As usual the post was read by officials working for the Swedish government. More specifically the Swedish Defence Research Agency read the article at 2013-12-16 09:14:22 AM, at 09:15:19 AM they clicked the Creeper icon in the menu to the right (and discovered that their surfing habits were being publicly recorded) and at 09:15:51 AM they read about anakata’s uncontrollable computer:

qnrq.se *   2013-12-16 09:15:51 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut
gnuheter.com *  2013-12-16 09:15:19 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut
qnrq.se *   2013-12-16 09:14:22 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut

Today I can reveal that between 16th and 20th December the Swedish aid to Cambodia was mysteriously modified to, instead of listing $26,400,000 like it did eight days ago, display the total sum for 2013 as $36,400,000.

Between today and four days ago, when the reveleation was read by the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the aid sum was bumped on OpenAid.se with an exact $10 million. There is currently no further explanation for where the extra $10 million has come from, but it is incredibly close to the estimated price for extracting anakata from Cambodia.

Was the extra $10 million actually spent or only added to the published statistics to make it look like a more natural development than the way it looks when the aid increases with 32.15% in 2012 only to drop again by 30.22% in 2013? Has Sweden purchased another hacker for extraction?

Either way: It’s very hard to escape the tinfoil style fashion speculation that this is a pure cover-up.

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