Your consciousness spawns as a result of an imaginary nothing. You’re forced into an imaginary eternal maze purposefully filled with stress and anxiety.

Welcome to life: a game where players in your shoes have lost touch with nature and become mindless drones chasing fantasies of materialistic possessions backed by imaginary values, thus judging you thereafter – rather than character. On our deathbeds we’ll proudly tell the stories about all the megapixels we had, for that is what is most important.

Forget questioning, we’ll turn you into an outcast and stack the odds against you like Blackjack. We’ll guide you into temptation only to benefit from punishing you. We’ll call you sick, twisted and insane after paving the road and having established the pillars on which we built you.

Change, yes we can, everything except our opinions and habits, how else could we function? You can vote for the Pepsi or the Coke party, you see, we’re giving you a fair choice here. Like Henry Ford said it: you can have a car painted any color so long as it’s black. Did you wish to say something? Oh, sorry, we’ve run out of air time.

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