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Uncle Dane wants YOU!

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

You may have heard about Danish and Swedish agents interrogating possible witnesses as preparation for the trial against anakata in September.

Here’s the sweet deal they have to offer (tl;dr: free transportation, DKK 20/h, tourist class hotel room):

You are hereby summoned to meet in:

Th Court at Frederiksberg, Howitzvej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Court 001,

Please se attached letter.

Please confirm receipt and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Med venlig hilsen

Jens Jørgensen



Afdelingen for personfarlig kriminalitet

Særlige sager, sektion II

Postadresse: Politigården, 1567 København V.

Besøgsadresse: Teglholms Alle 1-3, 2450 København SV

You are hereby summoned to meet in

The court at Frederiksberg, Howitzvej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Court 001

You shall in court give statement as a witness in the case against Per Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and JT, regarding the period from 13th of February 2012 to the 30th of August 2012, to have gained access to a society important information system belonging to CSC Danmark A/S, containing a large quantity of data, including personal information belonging to private and public companies.

As witness you have the right to get your transportation expenses to and from Denmark reimbursed. If it is necessary, you will free of all charge, be provided with a hotel room – tourist class – during the stay in Denmark. You also have a right to witness compensation of DKK 40, for every started period of 2 hours you are away from home or work, because you have to meet in court.

If you declare you understand and accept to show in court, you are asked to address yourself to the Copenhagen Police, Public Prosecutor’s Department of Violent Crime at * or email [email protected], where you will receive further information about pay-out of witness compensation and so on. Witness compensation will be paid when you meet in court, but by addressing Copenhagen Police you can have an airplane ticket send. The police will also see to any, if necesary, hotel reservation. In case you are prevented to show, you are asked to give information hereof to Copenhagen Police, Public Prosecutor’s Department of Violent Crime at * or email [email protected]

In case the fixed witness compensation does not cover the costs or loss, e.g. of regular income you have by appearing in court, the court can give you an increased witness compensation. You should give notice of this before you appear, and you should in that case be able to document the loss, e.g. by statement from employer.

Please bring this Witness Summon to court with you.