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Saturday, December 28th, 2013

Your consciousness spawns as a result of an imaginary nothing. You’re forced into an imaginary eternal maze purposefully filled with stress and anxiety.

Welcome to life: a game where players in your shoes have lost touch with nature and become mindless drones chasing fantasies of materialistic possessions backed by imaginary values, thus judging you thereafter – rather than character. On our deathbeds we’ll proudly tell the stories about all the megapixels we had, for that is what is most important.

Forget questioning, we’ll turn you into an outcast and stack the odds against you like Blackjack. We’ll guide you into temptation only to benefit from punishing you. We’ll call you sick, twisted and insane after paving the road and having established the pillars on which we built you.

Change, yes we can, everything except our opinions and habits, how else could we function? You can vote for the Pepsi or the Coke party, you see, we’re giving you a fair choice here. Like Henry Ford said it: you can have a car painted any color so long as it’s black. Did you wish to say something? Oh, sorry, we’ve run out of air time.

Swedish little piggy wants to shop invisibly

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Eight days ago I wrote about the mysterious events in Swedish aid donations to Cambodia in relation to anakata’s arrest year 2012, revealing that 2012 hit a peak with a ~$9,5 million increase which later dropped in 2013.

As usual the post was read by officials working for the Swedish government. More specifically the Swedish Defence Research Agency read the article at 2013-12-16 09:14:22 AM, at 09:15:19 AM they clicked the Creeper icon in the menu to the right (and discovered that their surfing habits were being publicly recorded) and at 09:15:51 AM they read about anakata’s uncontrollable computer: *   2013-12-16 09:15:51 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut *  2013-12-16 09:15:19 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut *   2013-12-16 09:14:22 – FOI, Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut

Today I can reveal that between 16th and 20th December the Swedish aid to Cambodia was mysteriously modified to, instead of listing $26,400,000 like it did eight days ago, display the total sum for 2013 as $36,400,000.

Between today and four days ago, when the reveleation was read by the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the aid sum was bumped on with an exact $10 million. There is currently no further explanation for where the extra $10 million has come from, but it is incredibly close to the estimated price for extracting anakata from Cambodia.

Was the extra $10 million actually spent or only added to the published statistics to make it look like a more natural development than the way it looks when the aid increases with 32.15% in 2012 only to drop again by 30.22% in 2013? Has Sweden purchased another hacker for extraction?

Either way: It’s very hard to escape the tinfoil style fashion speculation that this is a pure cover-up.

Swedish little piggy went to the market

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

In 2012, after anakata’s arrest in Cambodia, suspicions rose that Sweden might have paid for his arrest through an increase in its annual aid package. The reasons being that only four days later Ambassadors signed a deal granting an all time high donation.

Anders Jörle, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs spokesperson, was quoted in Swedish press calling the speculations about the oddly timed increase “ridicilously far-fetched”, but publicly released numbers show that perhaps money trail speculations were not that far from the truth.

What the published statistics show is that one of the highest donations occurred in 1997, at the time when Hun Sen rose to power through a military coup. 1997 was the year when the currently serving government rose to power through violence, not long after Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime had fallen and Cambodia fell back to civil war standards. In relation to the rough times that Cambodia was facing in 1997 it is quite expected that Sweden would donate an all time high sum.

Yet, the 1997 donation is historically the 2nd largest sum donated to Cambodia by the Swedish government in form of aid. The largest donation occurred in 2012, coincidentally the same year as anakata was arrested in central Phnom Penh.

Not only was 2012 the largest total, it was also the largest modern percentage increase of 32.15% between 2011 and 2012, while the increase between 2010 and 2011 was only 6.25%. Coincidentally the total aid sum mysteriously dropped again between 2012 and 2013 by a good 30.22%.

In 2013 the same ministry, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, released a report where they concluded that they didn’t really have any clue of how Sweden is handling aid money which is paid annually to countries considered in need of help.

The Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs report concluded that parts of the Swedish annual aid is handled by trainees and nobody is actually following up where the money is going.

In fact, everybody is so informed about how aid packages are received by third world countries in need that when Swedish SIDA in 2013 donated IT equipment to the Cambodian Ministry of Education Nath Bunroeun, Education Ministry Secretary of State, begged local officials not to bring it home for private use.

So, who took the ~9,400,000 paid by Sweden to extract anakata home?

Aid by year

1980 $12,300,000
1981 $8,730,000
1982 $8,340,000
1983 $5,460,000
1984 $8,460,000
1985 $3,110,000
1986 $4,449,000
1987 $1,080,000
1988 $0
1989 $5,270,000
1990 $3,580,000
1991 $3,170,000
1992 $19,200,000
1993 $10,100,000
1994 $5,670,000
1995 $3,970,000
1996 $14,300,000
1997 $30,400,000
1998 $14,200,000
1999 $7,550,000
2000 $16,800,000
2001 $16,900,000
2002 $14,500,000
2003 $18,700,000
2004 $22,500,000
2005 $14,400,000
2006 $17,200,000
2007 $17,900,000
2008 $16,100,000
2009 $23,900,000
2010 $24,000,000
2011 $28,300,000
2012 $35,800,000
2013 $26,400,000